February 2009

Thank you John Buck

John – thanks for noticing that Grandmaster Kim’s website now features videos of him performing Chon-Ji, Dan-Gun, and Do-San.  Please take a moment and watch the Grandmaster in action on the SJKim Taekwondo Website Patterns Page.

Next Test
Saturday, February 21st at 10am

We anticipate that Alex Lusins, David Howard, and Owen McCabe will be eligible to test. Please come out to support them and cheer them on. We will have class at 9am and begin the test when the students are ready.  If you are eligible to test and weren’t mentioned, please speak to Mr. Mannion.  The next test should be in early March.

New York City trip 2/18
Attend class with Grandmaster Kim

Grandmaster Kim has graciously invited us to visit his school in NYC for class and lunch afterward.  This is an excellent opportunity for all students to meet the man who has been teaching and practicing Taekwondo for over 35 years.  We need a tenative list immediately to coordinate driving.  Please call me or email me.  The expectation would be to leave Oneonta at 7am and return home around 7pm.  I’m not sure what a reasonable donation would be but I’m guessing about $25-$30 per person to be used toward gas and a gift depending upon how many people go.  I will be going from White Plains but Mr. Davis is planning to go.

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