Newsletter January 2009

Student News
Ryan Graig and Timmy Bemis

We are pleased to see the return of Ryan Graig after his hiatus this past fall. Ryan helped lead the Oneonta Soccer team to the Section championships before suffering a severe knee injury. Fortunately, Ryan takes great care of himself and has worked on strengthening and stretching the affected knee and is ready to resume training.

Congratulations to Timmy Bemis for earning Honor Roll standing in school. Our school motto begins with “Improvement of Mind and Body” reminding us that we must continually improve our intellectual capacity. Please take a cue from Timmy and “Train your Brain”. Congratulations on your hard work Timmy!

Next Test and Demonstration
Wednesday, January 14th at 6pm

We anticipate that John Buck, the Graigs, Priscilla McCabe, Matt, and Timmy Bemis will be eligible to test. Please come out to support them and cheer them on. If you are eligible to test and weren’t mentioned, please speak to Mr. Mannion.

Warm-up and stay warm
Protect your body

Remember that during cold weather, it is important to arrive a few minutes early to class. An extra 2 or 3 minutes warming up our feet, ankles, and muscles can mean the difference between a great workout and a debilitating injury.

Also, please remember to bring a hat or wear hooded coats during cold weather to protect yourself when leaving class with a wet head!

2 responses to Newsletter January 2009

  1. Ray, I am a constant fan of your warm kindness and unwavering dedication to other young souls.

    Keep up the unique work.

    All the best,

    Brian Gibbons, Auckland NZ

  2. Thank you Sensei,
    I am equally grateful for your leadership and masterful coaching ability. Your commitment to your students is generous and enduring.
    Ray Mannion

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