Front turning kick

There is a video clip which plays on the digital picture frame in our DoJang of Grandmaster SJ Kim performing a front turning kick to break 5 boards. After catching glimpses of the various frames in the video, I decided to do some clipping to highlight what I believe are the critical components. To see the video in full motion, please visit the page at

Master Kim begins with his body facing away from the boards and the holders position the boards at a 45 degree angle from the impact of his eventual kick. Note that a healthy distance is between them.

sjkfrontturning_0001Next, we see Master Kim’s rear leg extended fully. This reminds me of how a pitcher’s arm is extended prior to throwing. It also reminds me of a rubber-band stretched back to its fullest extent.

sjkfrontturning_0002At this point, weight transfers to the front foot and the knee is brought up and pointed toward the target.

sjkfrontturning_0003By the moment of impact, we see Grandmaster Kim’s rear foot turned all the way around. His leg is fully extended and the ball of the foot has made contact in the center of the boards.  Note the position of the arms which indicate that all momentum and energy is being transferred into the point of impact.

sjkfrontturning_0004It would be short sighted to neglect the following detail. Upon follow through, Grandmaster Kim’s kicking foot has crossed the plane of his original line up. His foot comes down in a “modified L stance”.

sjkfrontturning_0005Despite the pain of possible broken bones in his foot. The Grandmaster stands smiling!

sjkfrontturning_0006The next time you are practicing your front turning kick in class, I hope you keep these images in your mind and make each kick as focused and powerful as if you were breaking boards.

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