New classes, new book, next test

Oneonta Taekwon-do

Instructor Ray Mannion has returned to work at 12 S. Main Street full time. Oncura, a division of GE Healthcare has hired him to develop SAP solutions interfacing their US and UK systems through the end of the year.

New Classes

Classes will be offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:30pm on a trial basis for the next 3 weeks.

New Book

3 free copies of “Living the Law of Attraction – Real Stories of People Manifesting Health, Wealth, and Happiness” will be available at the school to existing or new students. Jennifer Mannion is featured in the book for her triumph over chronic pain. The book was conceived and put forth by some of the authors featured in The Secret.

Next test

The next promotion test is scheduled for Thursday October 16th to begin at 6pm. There will be no 5pm class on the day of the test and students are encouraged to arrive by 5:30pm to warm up. All students are requested to have a union patch sewn on the uniform. The patches are $10 each but each student will receive the first one free.

Ray Mannion and Owen McCabe are scheduled to test for their next promotion in NYC with Grandmaster Kim on Friday October 24th. If you are due to test on Thursday October 16 but would prefer to test in NYC, you are invited to do so.


Students at the color belt level are permitted to test after 25-30 classes. Currently, our school does not offer monthly tests. However, there is no reason to wait until a large group test. If you are due for a promotion test, please speak to an instructor to coordinate an interim or make-up test. New students are encouraged to learn more about the tests from an instructor or senior students. Senior students are encouraged to offer assistance and guidance to new students regarding testing. Links to oral questions are found on the “Our School” page of our website.

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  1. On behalf of my fellow students welcome home Sir:)

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