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Test update

Saturday August 9, 2008 will be the next Oneonta Taekwondo test and demonstration.  All visitors, friends and family are welcome to attend.  This will be crowded and seating may be limited.  Ace Film Company will be recording the test for a TV/internet video commercial.  Breakfast pizza and juice will be available after the test.

The test will begin at 9:30am – students should arrive early to warm up.  Again – friends, family, and visitors are welcome to observe.

Students are reminded to study the school rules, meaning of the patterns, school motto, tenets of taekwondo and basic korean.  You can use the “search our site” box on the school website or review the information on the “Our school” page.

Pricing change effective 9/1/08

The family discount will be reduced from 50% to 25% effective September 1, 2008.  Existing students will be “grandfathered” and retain 50% discounts for life.  If you or a family member have been waiting to join, now is the time to enroll your family member before the pricing changes.

Current pricing is as follows:  $175 for a 3 month tuition, $325 for a 6 month tuition.  Month-to-month is $65 per month.  All new students get a free uniform and 2 private intro lessons with a registered black belt instructor.  Scholarships are available – call the instructor at 607-431-8810 for more information.

Class schedule change

Effective immediately, double-classes will resume.  Classes begin at 5pm and 6pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Saturday classes remain at 9am.  Students are encouraged to attend as many classes as possible at no extra cost.  Students can take the second class if space permits.

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